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User Agreement

Thanks for choosing our store! Before you place an order please read all the terms.
Important Information about This Legal Contract:
  •  This Sale contract is an agreement between a customer and the online discount store.
  •  The Customer has read all terms and conditions of the store.
  •  The Customer accepts all information given while purchasing is true.
  • The Customer have read and acknowledged the OS requirements for the product chosen, and customers’ computer is suitable for downloading.
  •  The Customer has basic computer knowledge and is able to download and use the product being purchased.
  •  All terms and conditions of this agreement can be changed by the store without further notice, not including the terms presented on the site at the moment of making a purchase.
  •  Our company uses the information of client for purchasing products only. The information is not used in any illegal ways.
  •  The customer is not allowed to spread the products to the third party.
By placing an order with us, you indicate that you have read and understand our terms. You also indicate that you understand and accept any limitations of the particular product type(s) you are purchasing.

Please note that we sell only downloadable copies of software which means delivery of your order will be provided by email only. No physical delivery is available here.
Also please note that you will not be able to get a support from manufacturer and register your product online, because you're buying from a net-based retailer of Autodesk whose license works for their download version ONLY.

NOTE: There are NO return policies at after purchase and activation. We encourage you to run a 30-day trial before making the payment.

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