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Autodesk Revit 2017 Annual

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Product Description

Revit 2017 is specifically released for Building Information Modeling (BIM), which is a single software application that supports a BIM workflow from concept to construction. Moreover, it is more apropos for single-user projects, such as architects working on small projects. The new released software works smart and ease your design by the advanced features.

What’s New

Powerful & Speed-up

New behind-the-scenes optimizations and improvements to over 100 functions help Revit keep up with you, even with large, complex models. With usability improvements and settings designed to be easier to understand and learn for both new and experienced users, Revit helps you model more efficiently.

Enhanced Parametric components

Express design intent at increasingly detailed levels using parametric components. Use parametric components for the most elaborate assemblies, such as cabinetry and equipment, as well as for the most elementary building parts, such as walls and columns. No programming language or coding is required.

Powerful Modernized Text Editing

Revit 2017 has improved its text entry tool with a completely redesigned text engine which improves compatibility with imported and exported AutoCAD DWG files and creates a pixel-perfect WYSIWYG experience in the text editor. You don’t need to create the unexpected and disruptive reflow of text as it did in past Revit editions for moving between text editing and view in the building model, you can format the text with confidence, knowing it will look the way you intended.

More Efficient Schedules and Tags Tools

The Schedule tool can now combine multiple fields into a single cell, rather than requiring multiple schedule columns. Tags, which display parameter data such as rooms and number of doors of drawn elements, can now hold formulas for room-occupancy counts and other code calculations. This update automatically, making it easier for life-safety drawings to be current.

Flexible Tools to Show Depth in Drawing

Depth cueing can create a range of faded effects on lines, shadows, and colors to indicate hierarchy, and to show what is most in the foreground. By building this setting into view templates, you can produce great-looking elevations and sections with far less tedium than a similar feature in Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture.

Work Faster for Energy Analysis

Preparing a model for energy analysis has become much simpler with Revit 2017, requiring fewer clicks. The only thing you need to start an analysis is a project location, according to Autodesk, which hid the more advanced features behind a button to reduce the intimidation factor.

Big Progress in Calculations and Scripting

This software brings the level of parametric flexing found in objects (or families, in Revit-speak) to the project environment. You can assign parameter values across multiple categories for effecting large cascading changes to the project. Global Parameters can now be organized in groups and help filter schedules for better data management.

System Requirements

Operating system

Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64-bit

Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit

Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Video Display: 1,280 x 1,024 with true color DPI Display Setting: 150% or less

Disk Space: 5 GB free disk space

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