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Softsking will provide you with FREE technical support when required.

To speed up the technical support process for you, we would request you to use these easy

steps below to do TeamViewer.

Step 1: Click this following link.

Step 2. Click "Run" and install.

Step 3. Choose "Basic installation" & "Personal/Non-commercial use"

After installation, please provide the remote ID and password shown in Teamviewer software to us and leave it open.

[NOTE] Pls do not upgrade your TeamViewer after it is successfully installed.

Teamviewer is a safe application which you can install your desktop or laptop and our tecnicians can connect to your machine just like he/she is operating your notebook or PC to further know more precisely what can be the cause of your reported issue.

It is safe to use and you can watch in the same time the diagnosis process when our support engineer is connecting to your computer through TeamViewer.

After the session ends the person can't re-access your computer again. The password will change for each new session.

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