The original word page margin setting problem, the word page margin setting is too small to be fully displayed in PDF.


Method 1 set the margins of the word document to the default before converting, and then convert, and the problem is solved. Method 2. Install adobe acrobat, in the print option, which is the PDF printer option.


Download a virtual printer from the Internet, then double-click the application to install it. The virtual printer is small, click install.

Open a word document file that requires PDF conversion. Word content can be unlimited and can be anything you want. Then select the file option.

In the popup drop-down menu, select "print". If there is a print icon on the face of word, you can click the print icon directly.

In the pop-up print options box, the name of the printer location is selected as the "TinyPDF" option function.

Then you need to save the location of the drive, or you can rename the file and click save

After printing, the word document content file is converted directly to the PDF file content. This allows you to convert PDF files offline without having to convert them online.