Comparing with the AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT didn’t have three functions: the 3D conceptual design function of AutoCAD; Parameterized drawing tools and other advanced documentation functions of AutoCAD; Also, extension or customization is not supported. Besides, the AutoCAD LT have all other functions of AutoCAD and completely compatible with AutoCAD. It can be exact, effective creating, compiling and sharing engineering drawing.

Operation: AutoCAD LT is a light version of AutoCAD, so the people who can use AutoCAD can use AutoCAD LT right away, so you do not need special training.

Fit people: The AutoCAD LT as a light version of AutoCAD, it also targeted the corresponding population according to its function, suitable for professional drafters, engineers, growth companies that do not need to be customized, agency large machinery products, pre-sale engineer and the salesman who needs to communicate with the customer about the product and the people who modify drawings are fit for this software, the construction part in the construction work is also very suitable for this software.