Check and Review

Many times, you need to import AutoCAD images copled from other computers, which will fatal errors and exit when you make modifications or other operations after importing them.

The solutions to this problem is to open the "program of drawing utility" in the file and select the "check" command tp fix some of the errors. If the AutoCAD diagram cannot be imported smoothly or there are some defects after the import, you can use the Recover tool to open the "repair" in the "program of drawing utility" in the file, and then select the folder that needs to be repaired.

Change the new coordinate

Sometimes the problem is not easy to resolve, after the AutoCAD error occurs and is fixed by Recover and other tools, there will still be an error prompt. At this time, a new drawing environment can be established. Create a new AutoCAD file, and then insert the file you need to fix as a block, notice that you change the point coordinates when you insert, for example, the original system is (0,0), change (1,1), or any other coordinate. After the smooth insertion, the whole thing moves to (0,0) this original coordinate. Copy with Base point

There are many versions of AutoCAD , and the commonly used versions is AutoCAD 2016. Due to the habit, many people are unwilling to use the high version, while use the low version they are familiar with. In this case, it is often occurs to convert between high and low versions, which can also lead to errors.

Encountered such a situation can use the high version of the AutoCAD to create a new CAD file, and use it to open the original figure, select all of the entities, choose the command of "copy with Base point" in the "edit", then paste to a new file, covert low version, the problem is solved.

Start with "loading"

When the fatal error appears, create a new file, then open the file needs to be fixed, at the instant of the file read EXE key many times, the goal is to prevent AutoCAD menu utility load, also can open a few damaged files on the command line input Dxfin, choose just the output file, successfully loaded to save, it will also solve the problem of some mistakes.