PDF virtual printer conversion

Installed in the computer swift PDF virtual printer, then open to print the drawings, and then click the print button, and then on the print dialog box, select the PDF, here we don't need to print down really, click save to get the PDF format file we need. CAD editor conversion

Install a quick CAD editor on your computer and run the software. Then click on the "file" in the software interface, and then click on the "open" option to open the DWG file that we need to convert. If just want to convert DWG format into PDF format, only need to click the "toolbar" directly on the "save as PDF button", then select the converted PDF file save location, to save and then converted into PDF format.

Even with a large number of DWG files that need to be converted, we can take advantage of the software's "batch" function of one-click conversion, which is very convenient.

Professional conversion software

If we think that we don't want to install another CAD editor when we already have CAD software, we can also choose professional but small conversion software for conversion. Shield CAD PDF converter is a conversion tool specially used in DWG file format of drawings and fully compatible with different versions. Install shield CAD on your computer to convert to PDF converters, and select the CAD documents that need to be converted.

Then select save as PDF in the drop-down menu.