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Is this a CD version?

We are sorry but CD version is NOT available & they are ALL download versions instead. You may burn the completed AutoCAD download into a portable device like a thumb drive and copy it to new computer/system in case of a computer crash and reinstall with the old license.

What is OEM software and what are the differences with Retail?

The Retail version refers to the 'Box' version in which it may include a Certificate of Authenticity (If manufacturer provides), a printed user's guide, and any other required accessories depending on the essential of the software.
The OEM software is a full commercial version and it is neither upgrade nor academic version. You'll be able to upgrade the OEM software to future versions by paying a cost in difference.

Can I get a technical support from the manufacture or the distributers, like you?

Since the OEM software is legally sold in large quantities to distributers, you might NOT be able to get technical support from the manufacturer.
By purchasing products from OEMs, storing them and selling them to customers in our designated territories, we also provide local customers with technical support and other services, depending on the product.

Can I activate on two computers?

No. one license would ONLY be available on one computer and this is also what we called standalone license.

What can I get from you after payment?

We'll deliver the download software with valid S/N, Product Key, and Activation Code plus with instructions after receiving your payment.

Is this authorized software? If yes, can I get a certificate?

Absolutely yes it is legal copy but the OEM version does not come with a certificate. However, you'll still be able to activate or upgrade your software from the manufacturer as it is sold on its own as a stand-alone product and is also a fully-functional version.

Is this a ONE-TIME transaction?

Yes. There is NO additional charges at our store.

Why your prices are cheap?

We work with the original equipment manufacturers to take their products to market in large quantities at low prices and deliver them via email without physical distribution expenses. Time and money saved!

Do I need to register the product at official site?

As we sell the software in OEM, we've had them registered with the manufacturers and there is no need for you to repeat the same procedures.

It is legal for YOU to use after activation.

How do I know it is a 32 or 64 bit of PC?

Pl go to "Start">>"Computer", right-click on the "Computer" icon and choose "Properties" operation on the right-click menu and you'll see the bit of your PC in the middle of the page.

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